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Welcome to Wagner Contemporary

A message from the gallery

We are delighted to announce Wagner Contemporary has reopened. The gallery hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am - 6.00pm, with all exhibitions proceeding as planned throughout the year. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our Newsletter to keep abreast of new work available and the gallery's  Current  and  Forthcoming  exhibitions.

"I believe that 'good' art opens the door for us to see everyday reality by awakening our inner world and conscience. This is a very personal experience. It is one of my guiding principles to provide a platform to connect the artist with the client/collector/viewer to enable valuable insight.

For me, a work of art must have a sense of mystery; a quality that engages me on an intellectual level - something that questions humanity - whether it be environmental, embracing the wonder of nature; or psychological, provoking questions about humanity." Nadine Wagner, Gallery Director.


Coming Soon:

Untitled (W) • Al Poulet
6 June - 24 June