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Bill Sampson's work explores how meaning, significance and value are perceived, constructed and often obeyed. His works appear to hover in a state of flux between figuration and abstraction, providing the viewer with an uncanny, unexpected interaction.

In all my work I seek the means to reflect the world that we cannot restrain or affect - so as to better understand the relative unimportance of the world perceived only via our constructs or bias - one in which I nevertheless appear to quite contentedly reside... Whilst these ideas and the work are always developing, my processes often allow the mediums to create the work - while I struggle to keep up with it! (Bill Sampson)

Sampson attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) and, more recently, a Ph.D. from the Victorian College of the Arts where he also teaches. His work has been selected for numerous awards, including the Rick Amor Drawing Prize, and famously featured in the television series The Block. He exhibits in Melbourne and Sydney.

Recent News: 

2016: The Len Fox Painting Award, Finalist