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Calendar of Exhibitions

Painted Black • Collectable artists
29 March - 30 April

Black can be a very expressive colour for artists. Although often perceived as a tool for describing emotion, it is also used as a devise for conveying light, building texture or creating density or space within the picture plane.

Head On Photo Festival • Emma Hack
5 May - 15 May

Featuring two new series by Emma Hack: 'Geometric' and 'Flight of Fancy' (painted installations).

Emma Hack is an Australian artist recognised for her photographs of naked painted human bodies that merge with patterned backgrounds, producing a chameleon-like camouflage effect.

High Land • Min-Woo Bang
18 May - 12 June

In a recent essay Dr. Andrew Frost writes: Min-Woo Bang’s paintings reinstate this idea of the majesty of nature into art, in what he calls ‘the inexhaustible immensity of the sky’. Working from hundreds of photographs taken on annual field trips to the mountains in January when the summer rains roll in, Bang creates sketches and preliminary small works in acrylics and oils in preparation for the move to a larger canvas.

From the Studio • Margaret Woodward
16 June - 4 July

Wagner Contemporary has been offered a limited release of drawings and paintings from the artist's studio.

Interiors • Rosemary Valadon
7 July - 1 August
New Work • Bec Juniper
4 August - 29 August