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Calendar of Exhibitions

From the Studio • Margaret Woodward
16 June - 4 July

Wagner Contemporary has been offered a limited release of drawings and paintings from the artist's studio. Margaret Woodward's figurative works are particularly recognised for their honest expression of human character and emotion, imparted via sensitive line and form.

Interiors • Rosemary Valadon
7 July - 30 July

This much-waited exhibition features recent major works of Rosemary Valadon’s private world, unveiling the interiors of the artist’s mind, guiding our eye through patterns, light and the rich colours of personal objects and furnishings in her creative space and studio.

Recent Work • Judith White
1 August - 23 August

Water in urban environments has been an on-going subject source for Judith White. In her new series, docklands, wharfs, cranes, and concrete containing walls, all interact with water.

Recent Work • Bec Juniper
25 August - 18 September
Recent Work • Melinda Schawel
13 September - 9 October

Following the presentation of her new series to an international audience at Art Central Hong Kong in March 2018, Melinda Schawel showcases, 'Boundless', at Sydney Contemporary.

Working with a thick 640gsm paper, Schawel tears into the medium with a scalpel and peels it away to create shapes and textures revealing different aspects of the paper’s persona.

Recent Work • Dagmar Cyrulla
13 October - 6 November
Recent Work • Melissa Egan
10 November - 3 December
40/40 PROJECT • Gallery and guest artists
8 December - 22 December