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Calendar of Exhibitions

23 August - 27 August

Wagner Contemporary will be presenting a very short and very special preview of Nick Hall before Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.

Hall’s new body of work (paintings and works on paper) explores our primordial urges in the present day. The painter portrays the fractured nature of living in the 21st century – a time in which we have become increasingly divorced from the natural world, and separated from our most essential forms of existence.

Shadows of Desire • Rosemary Valadon
31 August - 25 September

In recent work, Rosemary Valadon re-engages the still life tradition and the shadows cast by gender roles and stereotypes that upset the easy search for domestic bliss.

Sydney Contemporary 2019 • Nick Hall, Al Poulet & Sai-Wai Foo
12 September - 15 September

Wagner Contemporary is thrilled to be presenting Nick Hall, Al Poulet and Sai-Wai Foo at this year’s Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. Holding true to both the name of the fair and the gallery, the artists will be showcasing works that are utterly contemporary in their essence and impact.

New Works at Wagner Contemporary • Group Show
28 September - 23 October
Solitude • Melinda Schawel
26 October - 13 November

Melinda Schawel's new body of work represents a continuation of the artist's exploration into the materiality of paper through an intuitive yet manually intensive process of art making.