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Calendar of Exhibitions

Driftless - Paintings of Stone and Mist • Neil Taylor
21 June - 17 July
Rumpus Room • Nick Hall
20 July - 7 August

Nick Hall’s new body of work explores our primordial urges in the present day. Through a deeply introspective and psychologically driven approach, Hall portrays the fractured nature of living in the 21st century –

Farewell, Whiskers Creek • Kerry McInnis
9 August - 30 August

Kerry McInnis's new work focuses on an unassuming small waterway, Whiskers Creek, that makes its way through the hills of Carwoola, in the Canberra region, emptying its scant water into the Molongo River.

Shadows of Desire • Rosemary Valadon
7 September - 25 September

In her recent work, Valadon re-engages the still life tradition and the shadows cast by gender roles and stereotypes that upset the easy search for domestic bliss.

Sydney Contemporary 2019 • Al Poulet & Sai-Wai Foo
12 September - 15 September

For Sydney Contemporary, the gallery will be presenting a new series of paintings by Al Poulet and the sculptural works of Sai-Wai Foo.