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Calendar of Exhibitions

Being Home • Eleanor Millard
21 March - 10 April

Eleanor Millard's new series captures memories and imaginings of the coastal landscape of Victoria. Hazy seaside cottages and faint structures

Abstraction • The Feeling of Being Inside
13 April - 15 May

With every mark, dab and daub, the artists in Wagner Contemporary's exhibition, 'The Feeling of Being Inside', express the ineffable, the tangible, and the transcendent.

Pop Up 4-Day Exhibition • Chris Antico
16 May - 21 May
Suspended • Christopher Orchard
23 May - 19 June

Wagner Contemporary is delighted to present a new exhibition of drawings by one of Australia’s finest figurative artists. Christopher Orchard’s little Bald Man continues to surprise and confound in his new body of work,