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Calendar of Exhibitions

Beyond • Jinx Nolan
1 April - 26 April

Nolan's landscapes are characterised by space, the vastness and emptiness of the Australian outback and the endless stretch of its eastern coastline.

Ikara Country • Kerry McInnis
29 April - 24 May

Kerry McInnis: "My latest body of work continues my efforts to evoke the landscape as the compelling entity that I perceive. It is an uncomfortable - sometimes disturbing, always engrossing - immersion into space." 

Recent work • Celia Perceval
3 June - 28 June

With a preference for painting plein air, Celia Perceval's work is always an immediate response to her surrounds. In this much-anticipated new series, her bush landscapes burst into life with vibrant colour and energy.

Recent Work • Bec Juniper
1 July - 26 July