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Calendar of Exhibitions

Harbour: Water in the Urban Environment • Judith White
1 August - 23 August

Judith White’s exciting new series explores the notion of water in urban environments. Water in landscape has been a recurring theme for the artist and this show highlights its interaction with the landmarks and infrastructure of working harbours and ports,

Flat earth theory • Bec Juniper
25 August - 18 September

Australia is flat and so I paint it that way; this is where my work gets its meaning. The idiosyncratic and many times counter-intuitive process of interaction, between water and earth, and between elements across the horizontal surface of the canvas,

Boundless • Melinda Schawel
13 September - 9 October

Following the presentation of her new series to an international audience at Art Central Hong Kong in March, 2018, Melinda Schawel showcases, 'Boundless', at Sydney Contemporary.

Working with a thick 640gsm paper, Schawel tears into the medium with a scalpel and peels it away to create shapes and textures revealing different aspects of the paper’s persona.

I am • Dagmar Cyrulla
13 October - 6 November
Recent Work • Melissa Egan
10 November - 3 December
40/40 PROJECT • Gallery and guest artists
8 December - 22 December

With Min-Woo Bang, Dagmar Cyrulla, Melissa Egan, Nick Hall, Mark Hislop, Marcella Kaspar, Kerry McInnis, Eleanor Millard, Christopher Orchard, Nigel Sense, Neil Taylor, Rosemary Valadon, Judith White, Jo Young and featuring guest artist, Jo Bertini.