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Calendar of Exhibitions

Group Show
18 July - 25 August

This group exhibition showcases a collection of impressive contemporary works of art, including new works in stock from the gallery’s stable of artists. 

Tropical Future World • Nigel Sense
29 August - 17 September

Nigel Sense: "Tropical Future World" is the first show I’ve painted that starts from instinct and emotion, and puts the figurative composition second. The works represent visual over-stimulation experienced when

A Chance Encounter • Eleanor Millard
19 September - 7 October

Eleanor Millard’s landscapes arrest the speed of life. In her artworks, the furious pace of the everyday suddenly stops, and gives way to a painted meditation. " I try to paint the stillness

Perhaps • Genevieve Carroll
10 October - 29 October
Nick Hall
6 November
Dagmar Cyrulla
28 November