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Farewell, Whiskers Creek • Kerry McInnis
2 August - 22 August

Kerry McInnis's new work focuses on an unassuming small waterway, Whiskers Creek, that makes its way through the hills of Carwoola, in the Canberra region, emptying its scant water into the Molongo River.  

"My current body of work focuses on this creek, its eroded banks, its tight ecosystem, and ultimately, its survival. It is impermanent, with small billabongs and pools that lose their contents to the summer heat. It runs ferociously during the rains, etching new courses along its banks and washing away the gold dust that used to be collected here during the depression. This creek runs through the land where I reside, and it has been my muse for the 35 years I have lived here. I will miss this little rivulet when I move away. It has been my constant and generous companion. This exhibition is a farewell, a celebration, a tribute to Whiskers Creek" - Kerry McInnis, 2019.