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Dickheads + Demons

Dickheads + Demons

Nigel Sense
2 March 2019 - 20 March 2019

From a social perspective, the average worker may be traditionally overlooked and viewed as normal or even uninteresting. Nigel Sense subverts typecasts by exploring concepts of identity, gender and social class - the social construct from which stereotypes draw upon. His recent work focuses on the role of identity, and demonstrates how perceptions and classifications limit a deeper understanding of individuals frequently defined by a social grouping. 

"A uniform is a mask, we put it on in the morning and play the role it represents. Many cultures uses masks in traditional ceremony or dance to represent or explain how and why things happen. This creates their own mythology and beliefs. In this body of work I am exploring this concept and, rather than elevating the masculine and blue collar worker, it delves into the reality that's underneath. And in turn creates its own contemporary mythology." (Nigel Sense, 2018).

Sense paints energetically in acrylic on canvas, describing his process as "primal and instinctive".  Overlaid imagery mimics his state of mind at the end of the working day. Instead of trying to clear his thoughts from the day's experiences, he paints them: conversations, emails, phone calls, what his colleagues discuss over morning tea. Everything goes down on the canvas. His works appear unplanned because he works quickly, however his ideas have been formulated over time and these he lays down on canvas with bold direct marks.

Nigel Sense is a graduate of the University of Wollongong and is frequently selected for major art prizes, most recently the Salon des Refuses (Finalist, 2018), Mosman Art Prize (2018), Black Swan Art Prize (Finalist, 2017), Mosman Art Prize (Finalist, 2017) and the Kilgour Art Prize (Finalist, 2017).