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Past Exhibitions


Beyond • Jinx Nolan
1 April 2017 - 26 April 2017

Nolan's landscapes are characterised by space, the vastness and emptiness of the Australian outback and the endless stretch of its eastern coastline.

A Collector's Space • Margaret Woodward
11 March 2017 - 12 March 2017

This exhibition offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a selection of striking paintings and drawings by award winning artist, Margaret Woodward, presented in the context of a contemporary living space.

Higher Ground • Melinda Schawel
4 March 2017 - 29 March 2017

Melinda Schawel’s mark-making represents a personal and emotional response to phenomena occurring in nature, as well as a mediation on the nature of paper and its aesthetic and physical properties.

Summer Show • gallery artists
25 January 2017 - 1 March 2017

An exhibition featuring a vibrant summer selection of paintings from some of our best-known and emerging artists.

40/40 Project • Annual highlight
17 January 2017 - 24 January 2017

Wagner Contemporary is proud to present the 40/40 Project - the gallery's annual exhibition of small works by selected artists. The gallery's newly opened space in Paddington will play host to this exhibition of works, small in dimension and grand in vision. Guest artists include


12 December 2016 - 22 December 2016

Hart's abstractions and shifting forms mirror the changeable nature of human experience.

Figure and Landscape • Group Show
1 October 2016 - 2 November 2016

An exhibition of collectable art exploring subjects that form an ongoing source of inspiration for artists: the human figure and landscape.

Moments • Dagmar Cyrulla
10 September 2016 - 29 September 2016

Dagmar Cyrulla’s interpretations of domestic life are narrative-based, inviting the audience to connect their personal experiences and emotions with her scenarios.

25 August 2016 - 9 September 2016

Featuring new work in stock by: Charles Blackman, David Boyd, Dagmar Cyrulla, James Gleeson, Mark Hislop, Deborah Kelly, Kerry McInnis, Eleanor Millard, Neil Taylor, Marie Peter-Toltz, Judith White, Margaret Woodward and Jo Young.

Abstract Time • Eleanor Millard
30 July 2016 - 24 August 2016

Eleanor Millard’s work is recognised for its haunting imagery and subtle blended forms of remote country and coastal Victorian landscapes. Her forthcoming exhibition captures sparse trees, lone homesteads and fishing boats gently drifting into frame.

Storm in Paradise • Min-Woo Bang
9 July 2016 - 28 July 2016

Min-Woo Bang captures nature’s transitional moods in a series of cloud-scapes engaging our senses with the aesthetic and emotional elements of land and sky.

Gala Exhibition • Group Show
6 June 2016 - 6 July 2016

Gala Group exhibition for the opening of Wagner Contemporary.


woman with red hair by Robert Malherbe
Small Images - Grand Visions 40/40 • Group Show
21 November 2015 - 22 December 2015

Contained by a 40 x 40cm canvas by a dynamic group of artists.

New Dawn after Fire by Neil Taylor
Between the Stories - paintings from before and after nature • Neil Taylor
24 October 2015 - 19 November 2015
Sculptured Rock Forms by Patrick Carroll
Central Australia - Red • Patrick Carroll
24 October 2015 - 19 November 2015
Shadows and Reflections 1 by Deborah Wilkinson
30 September 2015 - 20 October 2015