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The expressive landscape painting of Belinda Street is semi-abstract, varying between representational and abstraction. Her working process involves pushing and pulling the art work between the two, allowing each painting to ultimately find its own direction. Gesture and energy are an important part of her approach: the artist under paints before intuitively building on form in layers, mark making and adding and subtracting, until the work is complete. Street draws directly from the landscape, absorbing, recording, interpreting and responding to it. First-hand information of the environment, including immediate sketches and impressions, inform and inspire her studio painting.

Belinda Street holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from UNSW and a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) from the University of Newcastle. She was the Winner of the prestigious Paddington Art Prize (for landscape painting) in 2019.



Recent News: 

2021: Calleen Art Prize, Finalist

2019: Paddington Art Prize (for landscape painting), Winner
2020: Calleen Art Prize, Finalist