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Sai-Wai Foo is an emerging artist and graduate of RMIT, Melbourne. Her practice focuses on the manipulation and folding of cut paper to produce sculptural volume and structure from a 2-dimensional medium.

Her works combine organic paper with other pieces of collected ephemera to create vignettes and still points in time. 

My practice explores the use and repurposing of discarded unwanted items, subverting their original purpose to create a new object; through the addition of the artisanal and the hand crafted my aim is to seek out a new aesthetic.  The materials used are discarded but once treasured items that have outlived their usefulness or owners. I subvert their use through repurposing and with the additional of the artisanal, to imbue an item with a new value. It is a way to question how things are used in our over-curated and insatiable consumer society.

These interwoven elements marry the past and present create an object that transports the viewer into another realm; an intersection of the nostalgic and the contemporary.

- Sai-Wai Foo

Click here to watch Sai-Wai Foo discussing her practice - produced by NAVA.

Recent News: 

2019: Sydney Contemporary art fair

2018: Feature article, Vogue Living, Nov, 2018

2018: Tom Bass Small Sculpture Prize, Finalist