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40/40 Project

40/40 Project

Group Show
5 March 2020 - 25 March 2020

This group exhibition of paintings, each 40 x 40cm in size, showcases a cross-section of critical ideas and narratives as artists embrace a uniform small-format canvas.

Why 40/40? There is something intimate and alluring about a small work of art. Contained by size, the energy and immediacy of an artist’s mark-making is almost like a snap shot, where the senses are heightened for a brief moment and the essence of an idea is captured to form a unique ‘little gem’. The 40/40 Project will be an exhibition of such gems, by gallery and invited guest artists, presenting a dynamic sequence of works each emphasising a different subject, technique and medium. With guest artists, Stephen Lees and Matthew Browne.

Artists featured: Min-Woo BANG, Matthew BROWNE, Genevieve CARROLL, Dagmar CYRULLA, Melissa EGAN, Nick HALL, Mark HISLOP, Marcella KASPAR, Stephen LEES,  Kerry MCINNIS, Eleanor MILLARD, Christopher ORCHARD, Al POULET, Nigel SENSE, Neil TAYLOR, Rosemary VALADON, Judith WHITE, Celia PERCEVAL.