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40/40 Project

40/40 Project

Group Show
4 March 2021 - 28 March 2021

This exhibition represents a celebration of critical ideas and narratives as artists embrace a uniform format of a 40 x 40cm canvas.  An exhibition of small paintings by a range of artists encourages the viewer to engage directly with new concepts and, through a comparative process, recognise and appreciate the unique language of expression inherent to each.

This curated exhibition of small works also suggests how an artist’s communicative power is not dependant on large scale or size. Each small but strongly evocative work of art utilises space effectively, conveying the vital aspects of form and idea. This exhibition of little gems offers a contrast to heroic large-scale paintings, often classified as ‘masterpieces’ or ‘major works’.  By setting aside expectations for physical scale, the '40/40 Project' invites an evaluation of each work based on the values of aesthetics, form and idea.

Featuring work by: Lynn Savery (Guest Artist), Matthew Browne (Guest Artist), Genevieve Carroll, Marcella Kaspar, Boyd Sanday, Celia Perceval, Belinda Street, Nick Hall, Rosemary Valadon, Min-Woo Bang, Dagmar Cyrulla, Mark Hislop, Kerry McInnis, Eleanor Millard, Christopher Orchard, Neil Taylor, Judith White and Jo Young.

Savery Lynn_The Phone Rang_oil on linen_40 x 40cm SOLD