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Coastal Series

Coastal Series

Judith White
30 March 2022 - 28 April 2022

Judith White’s current exhibition, 'Coastal Series', continues her interest in the interaction of land and water. Drawing inspiration from the coastal landscape of the south coast region of Jervis Bay, NSW, White has created stunning abstractions that are, at once, intuitive shapes and forms in vibrant coastal colours and delicate collages of light-filled space where the elements of light, water and sand flow and interact.

Unique in the way it captures the micro and macro perspectives of nature - or meticulous observations of bush and coastal riverbeds and causeways - White’s work also functions as pure language of formal expression via the mixed medium of acrylic, collage and ink.  As a result, her work transitions from figurative to non-figurative and from dense vegetation to rippling light with fluidity and movement. During the artist’s extended time in the bush, she immersed herself in the landscape, and the silence and isolation experienced throughout this series is reflected in her much-awaited exhibition, 'Coastal Series'.   

One of Australia’s leading art critics, Sasha Grishin, recently observes how White has introduced a note of ambiguity to current work. He suggests her paintings, which convey bush and sea, breathe with “floating  lightness”:  

"Her process of exquisite miniaturist painting, where she records in crystalline detail individual elements in the landscape, is disrupted through applied collage that destroys a rational structure in space. The landscape elements seem to float as if suspended in space so that one is uncertain where the individual elements are located - all is in a state of flux and movement. This dynamic, kinetic aspect in her art introduces a note of ambiguity where we intuitively feel the bush tracks, creeks, ponds and beaches rather than rationally decipher them as landscape aspects that can be described, clearly articulated and separated". (Sasha Grishin, 'Canberra Times', 14/6/2021).

Judith White has won numerous awards, including the Mosman Art Prize (twice), the Margaret Fesq Memorial Art Prize (twice), the Maitland Art Prize and the Fleurieu Peninsula McLaren Vale Prize. Her work was selected for the Paddington Art Prize in 2020 and the Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize in 2022. She has carried out major commissions for collections and institutions, including the Intercontinental (Perth), Hilton Hotel (Sydney), Treasury Hotel (Brisbane), Hunter Medical Research Institute, Olympic Co-ordination Authority, Walker Corporation, JLW Sydney and the Attorney General Department of NSW.

White-Seaweed-acrylic and collage on canvas-110 x 104cm $11,500