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River • Kerry McInnis
30 April - 25 May

Kerry McInnis’ new exhibition is an homage to the River – in all its abundance. These drawings and paintings are imbued with a sense of celebration and respect for the natural element and life force of the River. 

"The intensity of McInnis’ subject is matched by the rawness of her application. In ‘River’, we witness the artist’s practice moving closer to abstraction, as she blurs the lines between the legible landscape and the free movement of the brush. McInnis’ masterful hand shapes the artwork with an experienced touch that negotiates the movement of every drop of paint—even as it slides and spills over the canvas. Her works hum with the kinetic possibilities of the paint, which retain an unapologetic dynamism. Throughout ‘River’, McInnis repeatedly pushes her medium, stretching the possibilities of the paint in her journey down the river."

By Tai Mitsuji (excerpt from catalogue essay, 'River')