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Bec Juniper
31 March 2021 - 28 April 2021

Bec Juniper's new work explores a dialogue between earth’s macrocosmic features and large-scale climate events and the intricate and finite properties that shape its persona and raw emotional resonance.

Drawing on Western Australia’s landforms and structures, including its rivers, flatlands, and salt pans, topographic perspectives emphasise the geological and cultural fragility specific to north western regions of the state. However, these works also embody deeper, visceral qualities as a result of Juniper’s materials and processes that reflect or mimic the environmental events in focus, such as drought and flooding, as well as ruptures and incisions to the land due to mining.

Using minerals, clay and resist methods her surfaces, which give a three-dimensional illusion, show traces and signs of permanent and ephemeral aspects of nature. Her technique involves layering and arranging pigments, forming sensitive colours and patterns of the land itself, evoking a powerful emotional response in correspondence to the fragile physical forms upon which her subject is based.

Through Juniper’s personal response to place, the viewer explores one’s own position within the landscape. This exhibition invites one to investigate ranging perspectives of country, from afar, up-close and from within.