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Desirable Works From The Secondary Market

Desirable Works From The Secondary Market

Collectable works
27 May 2021 - 16 June 2021

Collecting art is an exciting, satisfying and financially-rewarding experience, and the process and activity of selecting and discerning a new piece is personally enriching. The selection of works featured in our annual show for collectors represents the culmination of the gallery’s search of collectable pieces from private  collections across the country. As a result, this carefully curated exhibition brings together an exciting range of artists, styles and periods to suit the contemporary collector.

This impressive showcase, featuring elite and established Australian artists, such as Charles Blackman, Sidney Nolan and Margaret Woodward, provide an opportunity for collectors to incorporate an iconic Australian artist into their collection. For those drawn to the genre of landscape, three rare and sensitive paintings by talented artist, Boyd Sanday (1975 – 2017), will offer a sense of quiet solitude. A stunning early work by Marcella Kaspar, Peonies 1, will energise and inspire.

Coinciding with the end of the financial year, this exhibition also presents an opportunity to purchase a special piece for your work place, taking advantage of the Australian Government’s asset write-off. Please contact the gallery for details about the scheme or about placing the perfect art work in your home or office.



Susan Sheridan Tangled Mulla Mulla acrylic on linen 45 x 45cm