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Sydney Contemporary | Three artists

Sydney Contemporary | Three artists

Nigel Sense, Eleanor Millard, Al Poulet
8 September 2022 - 11 September 2022

Nigel Sense | Visitor Centre

Drawing inspiration from the American abstract expressionists and pop artists of the 1960s, Nigel Sense turns mass reproduction and the influence of mass media into subject matter. Showcased alongside a new series of paintings, the artist's interactive display creates a dynamic contrast to generic visitor centres. “I want the viewer to have a genuine experience”, he explains. “I hope to encapsulate the experience of the ‘journey’ through a personal journal of imagery and store of memories”. 'Visitor Centre' at Sydney Contemporary follows the artist’s major solo show at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (Darwin) in April 2022.

Eleanor Millard | The Painted Sound 

Eleanor Millard's brushstrokes pull into existence scenes that tug at our memory; they remind us of places that we’ve never seen, yet somehow know. This paradox sits at the heart of the artist's new series of work for Sydney Contemporary. Working on paper, she sensitively captures the emotional tone of the landscape - the resonance of late afternoon light or the sound of wind across a paddock. “I try to paint the stillness of the now, with all its sound", she explains.

Al Poulet | Untitled (Energy)

Al Poulet's new series of paintings draw us deeper inside his inner world. The artist's canvases have increased in scale and boldness since his recent exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery (2021). Reflecting upon the evolving nature of his practice, Poulet suggests each work alludes to an inner dimension, to a mind-scape, “which could be considered landscape in a way; going inwards. A place where there are no figures. Place is a part of it, and then it isn’t – I’m painting my experience.”